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The Future of Workspace is here. CloudOSWorkspace enables organisations to enable productivity on the go

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The Future of Workspace is here. Desktop As a service will allow
you to have a uniform experience from any device allowing full productivity on the go

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud

Cloud OS Workspace is a fully managed, secure desktop computing service which runs on the cloud. We provide cloud-based virtual desktops which will provide your users access to the documents, applications, and resources they need from any supported device, including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, IOS tablet and phones, Android phones and tablets. We can provision high-quality cloud desktops for any number of users at a cost that is very competitive with traditional desktops and less than half the cost of most Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

Lowering costs

On average, a virtual desktop costs almost two times less than a traditional PC due to its longer life, absence of a local hard disk, and reduced power consumption. Windows 10 upgrade and migrations are forcing organizations to look into expensive upgrades of both the server, desktop and laptop estate. With Cloud OS Workspace on the other hand we enable companies to reuse their existing hardware and extend the life of the investment they have already made.

IT department savings are made by removing many of the incumbent overheads in delivering end user computing specifically by providing central administration

Application Delivery to Any Device

All your applications can be accessed from all types of devices including mobiles phones. Becoming more productive on mobile phones is now possible with the Targus Universal docking stations a keyboard mouse and monitor. The external peripherals and docking stations makes the phone into a full working desktop with all your applications and files to hand giving you the ultimate desktop experience with redirection of printing to local resources and access to the phones local memory if required


Connect to existing cloud

Data can be automatically, and securely synchronised to the Cloud storage platform or corporate storage of choice when online.



Application Delivery Through Browser

We are in the process of testing and validating application delivery through any web browser on any device from anywhere.

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